Community of Port Edward

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  1. BC Athletics' Run, Jump, Throw program

    More than 5,400 children learned the fundamentals of track and field through Run, Jump, Throw.

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Related Highlights

  1. The Prince Rupert Spirit of BC Committee hosted events to celebrate the annual Spirit of BC Week.

  2. 40 students attended Explorations summer camps.

  3. One school registered with Action Schools! BC to improve physical activity and healthy eating in students.

  4. The North Coast literacy task group received $90,000 from Literacy Now Communities to improve literacy in the area.

  5. Measuring Up distributed $125,000 to the Measuring Up The North project to improve accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities  in 34 communities and seven regional districts in Northern BC.

  6. Over 5,400 children in 37 communities across BC learned track and field skill progressions with BC Athletics' Run, Jump, Throw Program, funded by the BC Sport Participation Program in 2004-2007.