Community of Bella Coola

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  1. ProMOTION Plus's Girls Only Program

    More than 1,200 girls and women participated in sport through this ProMOTION Plus program.

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  2. Central Coast School District hosts Explorations summer camp

    Students in Bella Coola attended an Explorations summer camp in 2005.

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  3. Central Coast School District hosts Explorations camp

    Students in the Central Coast attended an Explorations summer camp in 2005.

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  4. 21 community sport programs in B.C. receive funding

    2010 Legacies Now is making sport more accessible for people throughout the province by supporting projects ranging from the development of a speed skating program for at-risk youth in Kamloops to the launch of a girls' skateboarding program in Armstrong.

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Related Highlights

  1. Chako Kunamoks Rediscovery received $16,000 from Innovations for the Rediscovery Nuxalk Heritage Canoe Project, which included carving a cedar canoe using traditional methods.

  2. The Bella Coola literacy task group received $70,000 from Literacy Now Communities to improve literacy in the community and surrounding area.

  3. Bella Coola Valley Museum Society received $5,000 from Catalyst for an education program for grades 1-7 on the cultural history of the Bella Coola Valley.

  4. 175 students attended Explorations summer camps in the Central Coast School District.

  5. Over 1,200 young girls in 15 communities across BC received resources, support, leadership and opportunities for partnerships with ProMOTION Plus Girls Only Program, funded by the BC Sport Participation Program in 2004-2007.

  6. Bella Coola received $3,820 from Spirit of BC.

  7. More than 150 students in 4 schools in the Central Coast School District participated in Action Schools! BC to improve physical activity and healthy eating.

  8. Active Communities Bella Coola received $2,000 from the Local Sport Program Development Fund to build a fitness gym.