Valley Comfort Play Celebrates the Robson Valley

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With an Innovations grant of $5,500, Wishbone Theatre created Valley Comfort, a play highlighting the Robson Valley. Initial plans were to present the play solely at the new theatre in Valemount, but because Robson Valley communities are spread over 100 kilometres, there were additional shows at the 200-seat theatre in McBride, as well as the local high school. The production, which ran in January and February 2008, reached more than 700 audience members, and involved a cast of nine artists, a stage crew of four, and 12 volunteers.

The play focused on life within the Robson Valley, creating a perspective for audience members to filter through their own experiences. The play can now be reproduced for the future and serve as a base for sequel productions. Since the opening of Valemount’s new theatre in early 2006, there has been growing interest in establishing a community-based performing arts theatre. Valley Comfort is the living, tangible result of that dream. The local arts council has since begun to explore a range of ideas for its theatre, including plays, music recitals, dance tours, a film society and guest artist events.

Innovations invests in arts, cultural and heritage organizations wishing to create new opportunities for community members to participate in arts and cultural activities. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.