Twin Rivers Elementary Hosts Explorations Camps

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Twin Rivers Elementary and Trail Middle School used a $10,000 Explorations grant to offer local children two two-week arts camps in the summer of 2005. Forty-five children, ranging from nine to 13 years old, were offered an interdisciplinary approach to visual arts training in an atmosphere of fun and discovery. Children learned techniques in drawing, painting, beading, sewing, and weaving. The full-day programs were designed to provide children who love art activities with a safe, fun, exciting and creative atmosphere in which to enjoy their summer holiday. Visits to local art galleries and murals were an important feature fostering numerous links with the community. Links were also made with the local Aboriginal group - the Sinix Nation - where Elders welcomed the children to the land to gain an appreciation for the Sinix through Aboriginal art. Leaders taught children how to make dream catchers, with the children then having to teach their peers to foster patience and empathy.

Explorations provided students in kindergarten to Grade 7 with opportunities to explore arts, sport and recreation in summer camp settings. The program, which ran from 2005-2008, served students who were otherwise unable to attend summer camps due to location, local resources or financial limitations. Explorations was supported by the Province of British Columbia.