the Vernon School District Hosts Explorations Camps

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The Vernon School District received a $5,000 Explorations grant to offer 14 summer camps in the arts, sport and recreation during the summer of 2005. More than 64 children, from age five to 12, enjoyed positive and healthy experiences in a structured environment, offering socialization opportunities for rural children during the summer months. Children took part in golf, pottery, drumming, batik, charcoal drawing, track and field, and more. The program exposed low-income and rurally isolated children to new skills and experiences. Funding enabled the group to enhance its existing program by including specialists in sport and arts and allowing for on-site training of existing staff, volunteers and other service providers. The summer of 2005 saw a 50 percent increase in overall program attendance from the previous year. There was a 40 percent increase in new participants, including children from outlying areas.

Explorations provided students in kindergarten to Grade 7 with opportunities to explore arts, sport and recreation in summer camp settings. The program, which ran from 2005-2008, served students who were otherwise unable to attend summer camps due to location, local resources or financial limitations. Explorations was supported by the Province of British Columbia.