Quesnel's Stream of Dreams Shares Lessons in Arts and Preservation

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Keeping local streams clean and healthy is a key goal for the Quesnel River Watershed Alliance. This goal spawned the 2005 Stream of Dreams Mural Project at Horsefly School. More than 65 students, teachers and community members took part in a classroom presentation on the importance of healthy streams. Each student then painted a ‘dreamfish' – a colourful representation of his or her dream for the river. Students mounted the fish onto the school's fence, which served as the Stream of Dreams. The beauty and significance of the completed mural garnered attention from locals and tourists, prompting a repeat of the workshops during the Horsefly River Salmon Festival that September.

More than 65 children took part in the school workshops, with a further 95 participating in the Salmon Festival component. Approximately 1,200 festival visitors viewed the mural. The project, funded by a $2,300-grant from Innovations, has since received inquiries for workshops from nearby towns, with similar programs expanding into Alberta, Ontario and possibly Japan. The community of Horsefly is extremely proud of this permanent exhibit reminding people of the beauty and importance of healthy streams.

Innovations invests in arts, cultural and heritage organizations wishing to create new opportunities for community members to participate in arts and cultural activities. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.