Kootenay Cooperative Radio Trains Programmers

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Catalyst funding of $10,000 enabled Kootenay Cooperative Radio to conduct a radio skills training project. The first step was a training needs assessment that surveyed 80 volunteer radio programmers. The assessment information generated a training program of written and web-based materials, as well as train-the-trainer notes. A training workshop for volunteer radio programmers was piloted and implemented in sessions attended by 250 people. There was also a special interviewing skills session for 50 people, and 12 individuals were trained to be trainers.

In addition, consultants offered recommendations to the Board and senior administration in the areas of strategic planning, employee and volunteer management, and organizational communication. Two workshops were held to identify priorities and the executive also attended training sessions on various human resource issues. Participants say the project has improved overall management and quality of programming at Kootenay Cooperative Radio.

Catalyst invests in BC arts, cultural and heritage organizations wishing to enhance their artistic, administrative and organizational capacities. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.