Dawson Creek Improves Literacy

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Dawson Creek received $40,000 from Literacy Now Communities. Funds allowed the local Literacy Task Group to complete a literacy action plan and hire a part-time Literacy Outreach Coordinator. The coordinator has raised awareness through presentations and workshops and also created a website dedicated to literacy at literacy.dc.googlepages.com.

Other activities include listing public access computer sites in Dawson Creek; surveying the different assessment tools used by Dawson Creek agencies to determine literacy levels and identify individual learning difficulties; updating local current programs and literacy services; identifying literacy services and issues that are being adequately addressed and those needing improvement; and writing a weekly newspaper column examining literacy skills and the value of literacy.

Literacy Now Communities guides communities through a planning process to identify and address local literacy needs. The program focuses on building partnerships, networking and sharing best practices within BC's communities and regions. Literacy Now Communities is supported by the Province of British Columbia.