Canada Ice Dance Theatre Gets A Lift

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Vancouver-based Canada Ice Dance Theatre (CIDT) is a relatively small and unknown organization, but that's starting to change and the group says the positive turnaround is due, in part, to a mentorship with Barbara Clausen of New Works. With support from 2010 Legacies Now's Catalyst program, CIDT hired Clausen to help them increase their organizational capacity and, in turn, meet their goal of long-term growth.

According to Kaare Long, CIDT's administrator, the mentorship "set up efficient business procedures so that within a year CIDT was able to escape stagnation and move toward fulfilling its mandate..."

Guided by Clausen, CIDT developed administrative systems and strengthened skills related to grant writing, revenue generation and volunteer recruitment. These achievements laid the foundations for financial security.

CIDT began to network with other organizations in the arts community in order to learn best practices and develop joint projects. They also expanded their performance program to include children's stories in schools and presentations for general audiences, thereby raising CIDT's profile.

The mentorship with Clausen helped Canada Ice Dance Theatre understand what is required in order to survive and thrive. The organization is now in a more stable position, working with an arts administrator part-time, applying for grants regularly, and developing a sustainable organizational model.

Catalyst invests in BC arts, cultural and heritage organizations wishing to enhance their artistic, administrative and organizations capacities. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.