Sport Capacity Building

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In 2005, 2010 Legacies Now began distributing grants to provincial sport organizations to increase their ability to support the continuum of sport from the playground to the podium. Since that time, with funding from the Province of British Columbia, we distributed over $19 million to over 50 provincial sport organizations. These grants, managed by Sport BC, helped these organizations build coaching capacity, train officials and volunteers, develop programs, increase sport participation, and numerous other projects.

From 2005-2010, 2010 Legacies Now also distributed close to $10 million to nine multi-sport organizations: Sport BC, BC Athlete Voice, Coaches Association of BC, National Coaching Institute of BC, Promotion Plus, BC Sport Hall of Fame and Museum, JW Sporta, SportMedBC and Canadian Sport Centre Pacific. These investments provided operating support and strategic investments to develop capacity, leadership and excellence in BC's sport sector.

With over 700,000 people participating in sport through BC's provincial sport organizations, these investments contributed to a successful and sustainable sport system.