Integrated Performance System

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The Integrated Performance System (IPS) was a province-wide approach to developing and supporting high-performance sport in BC. The IPS aims to have more BC athletes competing on national teams at the senior, junior and development levels.

Driven by 2010 Legacies Now, the IPS was a strategy created, supported and delivered in partnership with Canadian Sport Centre Pacific and numerous other sport organizations. With funding from the Province of British Columbia, 2010 Legacies Now contributed more than $17 million to the IPS, since its inception, to support Game Plan BC and the Targeted Sport Strategy.

Originally created in 2003, Game Plan BC was positioned under the IPS umbrella in 2005. Game Plan BC supported high-performance athletes in 17 Olympic and Paralympic winter sports with funds for coaching, programming, and performance enhancement. The Targeted Sport Strategy funded provincial and regional coaches, and provided technical planning and performance resources to 10 winter and 20 summer sport organizations.

For each year of the IPS, more than 1,400 BC athletes were identified to train with provincial and regional coaches,  progressing through the athlete development pathway toward Canada's national teams.

The IPS was implemented in partnership with the Province of British Columbia, Canadian Sport Centre Pacific, SportMedBC, Coaches Association of BC, National Coaching Institute - BC, BC Athlete Voice, PacificSport Centres, Sport BC, and provincial sport organizations.