Action Schools! BC


Action Schools! BC promoted incorporating physical activity and healthy eating into regular classroom activities in BC schools. The program offered teaching resources and equipment to help educators develop customized action plans to lead children in making healthy choices more often. The program was supported by the Province of British Columbia.

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  1. BC teachers get their students moving

    Action Schools! BC encourages teachers to break up their classroom routine with short bursts of activity.

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  2. Video: Action Schools! BC and 2010 Legacies Now

    Dr. Heather McKay, Professor, Department of Orthopaedics/Family Practice (UBC), talks about how many different stakeholders and partners came together to create Action Schools! BC.

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  3. Learning to be active in the classroom a first step to combat obesity levels

    Canadian youth are becoming overweight and obese at an alarming rate and physical activity programs delivered right in the classroom, such as 2010 Legacies Now's Action Schools! BC and SportFit, are providing tools that can help reverse that trend.

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