Whistler Museum and Archives Conducts Market Research

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As part of an overall assessment to review the heritage preservation needs of the Whistler Valley region, the Whistler Museum and Archives used $22,000 in Catalyst funding to conduct a market analysis. Although the museum had been working towards a new facility since 1992, it had never had the time or resources to thoroughly research the market or consult with the community. The study provided information on market context, partnership prospects, comparable facilities, a creative concept, attendance forecasts and more. Project leaders connected with more than 50 community members, 19 local, regional, and international tour operators, and 12 potential partner organizations. The end result: A concept for a revitalized museum based on flexibility, community consultation, partnerships, existing resources, and support from the market. The museum has since produced a Museum Master Plan and construction of a new facility is under way.

Catalyst invests in BC arts, cultural and heritage organizations wishing to enhance their artistic, administrative and organizational capacities. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.