West Vancouver Hosts 2007 Canadian Open Snowboard NorAm

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The 2007 Canadian Open Snowboard NorAm event received $10,000 from HostingBC. The event attracted 153 athletes, aged 16-37, who came from seven countries including Croatia, Australia and Japan as well as five Canadian provinces. There were 500 spectators and an estimated TV audience of 50,000.

The event was an opportunity for potential 2010 Winter Games athletes to train and compete at an Olympic venue. Direct economic benefit is estimated at $60,000 for participants with additional revenues generated through prize money, advertising and transportation. Extensive media coverage gave significant profile to the Cypress Mountain Resort and the local area. Also, the event was a catalyst for young snowboarders to join the competitive aspect of the sport.

Hosting BC provides BC communities with funding to host national and international sport events. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.