VolWeb.ca Celebrates International Volunteer Day

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VolWeb.ca, the website that connects volunteers with events in their community, is celebrating International Volunteer Day by presenting their first featured volunteer!

Congratulations to Surrey's Liam Blacknik, whose incredible personality, kind demeanor and dedicated attitude made him an exceptional Fan Service Host for the Vancouver Canadians Professional Baseball Club during the 2007 baseball season. Liam has been praised for his professional customer service in handling inquiries from the fans at the Guest Services Booth. Even in chaotic moments on sell-out nights, Liam never lost his smile or sense of humour.

"What impressed me most," says JC Fraser, operations assistant for the Vancouver Canadians, "is that he did it as a volunteer despite our offers to provide a wage which, in the end, we could not do because he is not a Canadian citizen."

Liam is no stranger to volunteering, and his volunteer work history through VolWeb.ca alone is extensive. Some of his other volunteer experiences include the FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007, the Western Canadian Martial Arts Championships, and the Emergency Social Services Exercise hosted by the City of Richmond's Emergency Program.

Liam's volunteering career, or "hobby" as he calls it, started approximately 20 years ago when he became ill.

"[I] was no longer able to work and needed something to do that would be good for me and helpful to others," says Liam. "My advice to anyone trying or wanting to help [is] to become involved in areas you would like and give of your time. It is good for the entity you volunteer for and good for you to do it-the rewards for both parties are tremendous."

"I hope Liam gets recognition for all his hard work," says JC, "And I would not hesitate to recommend him for other positions as well as having him back with us again in 2008."

VolWeb.ca thanks Liam and all Canadians who volunteer. You make a difference in your communities every day of the year!


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