Volunteer Kootenays See Value of VolWeb.ca

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Volunteer Kootenays, based in Cranbrook, was created to link potential volunteers to community organizations. Through a partnership with 2010 Legacies Now , Volunteer Kootenays is using VolWeb.ca's Volunteer Centre Opportunity Listings Tool to help its members manage their volunteer positions online. This means potential volunteers can go to the Volunteer Kootenays website to view volunteer opportunities in the region and conduct searches based on their interests and availability. The website is a helpful resource for organizations that want to reach a broader volunteer audience for special events and programs. 

Since using the tool, Volunteer Kootenays' has had more than 30 member organizations post volunteer opportunities. The partnership with 2010 Legacies Now continues to bring greater awareness about Volunteer Kootenays' services.

VolWeb.ca is an online registration tool to connect volunteers with event organizations throughout BC. VolWeb.ca is supported by the Province of British Columbia, CTV, Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada. Visit VolWeb.ca for more information.