Vancouver Hosts National Gymnastics Championships

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The 2005 Canadian Gymnastics Championships for Artistic, Trampoline and Tumbling received $15,000 from Hosting BC. The 10-day event attracted 578 competitors, aged 10-34, who came from Canada, Japan and the U.S., along with 300 coaches and judges. Athletes performed in front of 3,000 spectators.

The event budget of $720,000 was spent locally during off-peak "shoulder season," including more than $400,000 spent on accommodations - 300 room nights - and food. Considered a training event for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the Championships trained almost 400 volunteers. The event received wide media coverage which gave considerable exposure to the sport and the local area.

Hosting BC provides BC communities with funding to host national and international sport events. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.