Vancouver Hosts 2008 World Guts and Ultimate Frisbee Championships

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The 2008 World Guts and Ultimate Frisbee Championships received $10,000 from HostingBC. Held every four years, the event drew 1,560 athletes from 20 countries, including Colombia, South Africa, Finland and New Zealand as well as from four Canadian provinces. There were 4,500 spectators and an estimated webcast audience of 5,000 viewers. Four hundred volunteers supported the event.

The event allowed Canadian athletes to compete at international levels without significant travel expense. Skills development at the event included a juniors' clinic and a guts clinic, with 200 youth being coached. Direct economic and tourist benefits were estimated at $740,000 in accommodation and meals with 11,700 hotel room nights booked. In addition, four teams (80 players) and guests stayed in Vancouver post-event providing increased revenue for the local tourism industry. Volunteers and officials upgraded skills to international levels and the event provided employment for 14 staff members over two years. All equipment purchased for the event was donated to Ultimate leagues in the Vancouver region.

Hosting BC provides BC communities with funding to host national and international sport events. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.