the Legacy of One Snowboard Program

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Founded in 2004 by snowboarder Aaron Marchant, the First Nations Snowboard Team (FNST) is using sport to create a legacy of healthy, physically active youth who strive for personal excellence. The team offers a recreation program where youth can improve their snowboarding skills in a comfortable environment, and a high-performance team which offers athletes training by a worldclass coach.

“The opportunity of being a part of a team is here for First Nation youth to receive coaching that will change their lives on and off the mountain. FNST youth will gain a new set of skills through hard work, commitment, and challenging themselves, and strive beyond our high-performance team to reach provincial and national levels of competition,” said Marchant, a Squamish Nation member.

The FNST is largely funded by the Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund, which is administered by 2010 Legacies Now. The Fund was created in 2002 by the Province of British Columbia, the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation, and the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations.

Members of the FNST receive free training, equipment and passes to various mountains. In return, team members commit to a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle, maintaining a minimum C+ grade average in school, and completing 90 percent of the training schedule.

And this approach is proving to be a resounding success. The team has grown from ten youth in 2004 to more than 140 youth, aged six to 21, in the recreation program and 24 on the high-performance team, three of which qualified for B.C.’s provincial team this year. When the 2010 Winter Games have come and gone, these youth will be just a portion of the legacy left behind, a legacy of healthy, active youth who enjoy sport and strive for even more.

The Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund supports physical activity, sport and recreation for BC's Aboriginal youth. The fund provides grants to high-performance athletes, scholarships for post-secondary students, and grants to community organizations to increase sport and recreation opportunities for youth. The fund also supports the First Nations Snowboard Team.