Teaching Life Lessons Through Snowboarding

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"Life is really hard. But Chill has given me something to do that is fun and makes me feel really good about myself," said Karen, a Chill participant.

Karen is one of two hundred inner-city youth in Vancouver and Prince George who took a break from reality for lessons in life and snowboarding. Chill is a unique intervention program which helps at-risk youth develop self-esteem while learning to snowboard. Each of its six weeks has a theme - patience, persistence, respect, courage, responsibility and pride - designed to arm youth with skills they can apply in everyday life.

"Looking back I can hear the laughter on the hill, the words of encouragement that kids used when other kids fell," said Chill Coordinator Kira Peterson. "I can see those smiling faces and the pride within each youth rising so high."

Chill participants are provided snowboard clothes, equipment, transportation, lift tickets and instruction to ensure they have a most memorable experience.

Chill was a snowboarding program for inner-city youth designed to increase self-esteem and positive self-image, which 2010 Legacies Now operated in BC from 2005 to 2008. The program was sponsored by Bell and the Province of British Columbia, with support from Cypress Mountain and Tabor Mountain.