Surrey Association For Community Living Helps City Measure Up

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The Surrey Association for Community Living provides support services to children with developmental disabilities and their families. It strives to create an inclusive, safe and caring community that values all people.

In 2007, the organization received $25,000 from the Measuring Up Fund to parter with the City of Surrey to complete a community assessment report that identified access and inclusion priorities in the community. From this assessment, a municipal strategic plan was created and presented to Surrey City Council for action. By completing this community assessment, Surrey Community Living has further increased local government awareness of access and inclusion issues, and has provided an opportunity to celebrate the many inclusive community opportunities that Surrey already has to offer its citizens. 

Measuring Up helps communities assess and improve how accessible and inclusive they are for people with disabilities, seniors and others with similar needs. The program includes a fund, established by the Province of British Columbia, which offers grants to communities to complete accessibility-related projects.