Squamish Hosts 2008 Squamishlife Biathlon National Championships

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The 2008 Squamishlife Biathlon National Championships received $10,000 from Hosting BC. The Championships marked the first competition on the Olympic venue for many of Canada’s top biathletes. The event drew 170 athletes, aged 15 and over, who came from the US and from all Canadian provinces/territories. There were 2,000 spectators at the event which was supported by 250 volunteers.


Biathlon had not been hosted in BC for 20 years but with the new Olympic venue, spectators were able to witness the sport at an elite level, raising awareness of the sport and helping to develop local athletes. Direct economic impact included 2,300 booked hotel room nights as well as increased revenue for the local hospitality industry and goods and services suppliers. Officials and volunteers upgraded their skills to form an experienced resource pool for future events and equipment used for the event will be available for future events. The Championships gave BC biathletes an opportunity to compete internationally without significant travel expense.

Hosting BC provides BC communities with funding to host national and international sport events. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.