Short-term Volunteering in Nanaimo Can Bring Lasting Rewards

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"Volunteers are vital to our success," says Catharine Edwards, program coordinator for Nanaimo's Operation Red Nose, which helps people get home safely during the holiday season. "This program saves lives, and it would not be as successful as it is without the generosity of our volunteers." is a website that connects volunteers with events in their community. It's free for both volunteers and event organizers, and registration is fast and easy. was created by 2010 Legacies Now, with support from the Province of British Columbia. helps organizations that plan community events, like festivals, fundraisers and sport competitions. These organizations may not have an existing network of volunteers from which to draw, and potential volunteers may need a quick and simple way to find short-term opportunities that match their interests.

PacificSport Vancouver Island is seeking volunteers for roles ranging from volunteer coordinators to mascot performers. "We're looking for volunteers who share our spirit and passion in making this year's operation a success," says Edwards. You can find this event and more on is unique because you can search for events based on your community, skills and interests. You can also choose to receive automatic email updates when new events are added that match your profile.

By volunteering for one day or one weekend, you can contribute to the health of your community. You can also have fun, meet new people and gain new skills. The rewards are endless, and will stay with you long after the event is over.

Visit today to find more volunteer opportunities in your community and throughout B.C. is an online registration tool to connect volunteers with event organizations throughout BC. is supported by the Province of British Columbia, CTV, Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada. Visit for more information.