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Developing personal connections is key to understanding client needs and selecting the best insurance coverage to match. Axis Insurance Managers applies the same philosophy of personal connections to its community initiatives. Axis Insurance choose to support Sam Danniels, a para-alpine skier based in Whistler, B.C., with a three-year sponsorship. By doing so, the company and its employees are joining him in his journey to the podium and learning about his passion for competition.

Sam broke his back two years ago in a mountain biking accident but because of his athletic background has quickly taken up skiing using sit-ski equipment. Funds from Axis Insurance cover Sam's membership cost in the B.C. Disabled Alpine Ski Team, pay for his specialized sit-ski equipment and his competition and travel expenses.

Axis Insurance and Sam Danniels were featured on the cover of BC Broker magazine in December 2008.

Growing Champions was as an athlete sponsorship program for high-performance athletes in BC. The program provided businesses with the opportunity to support the dreams and aspirations of these athletes. Three out of every four dollars provided by a business went directly to the athletes, while the remaining dollar is allocated to support future athlete development programs and increase sport participation in BC.

Growing Champions was in partnership with Canadian Sport Centre Pacific-PacificSport, BC Athlete Voice and the Province of British Columbia. Visit for more information.