Nootka Elementary School Hosts Explorations Summer Camps

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With $5,000 from Explorations, the Vancouver School District hosted an arts camp for 23 children, held at Nootka Elementary School. Activities included bookmaking, puppetry and lantern-making as well as stilt construction and choreography. The children also created and performed short plays and sang in a choir. Special events included a field trip to Granville Island to visit art galleries and watch buskers perform.

The camp ended with performances and exhibits for families and children were invited to demonstrate stilt-walking at the PNE and the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. Organizers say funding allowed them to hire experienced artist-instructors and purchase quality materials.


Explorations provided students in kindergarten to Grade 7 with opportunities to explore arts, sport and recreation in summer camp settings. The program, which ran from 2005-2008, served students who were otherwise unable to attend summer camps due to location, local resources or financial limitations. Explorations was supported by the Province of British Columbia.