Mission Improves Local Literacy

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The Mission literacy task group has received $70,000 in funding from Literacy Now Communities. Funds supported numerous projects, such as helping to transform a school bus into the Mission Literacy BUS (Building United Services), bringing literacy support to vulnerable citizens. In addition, a literacy outreach worker was hired to coordinate various projects, including an English as a second language program for migrant workers, a youth magazine written and produced by youth, and a Literacy Resource Directory.

The grant also helped support other activities, such as hosting a Riot of Reading Solutions event to promote family literacy strategies, materials and resources; offering an Adult Tutoring program; and developing the Mission Literacy Association website.

Literacy Now Communities guides communities through a planning process to identify and address local literacy needs. The program focuses on building partnerships, networking and sharing best practices within BC's communities and regions. There are currently 96 task groups throughout BC working to improve local literacy. Literacy Now Communities is supported by the Province of British Columbia.