Kimberley Improve Accessibility and Inclusion

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The City of Kimberley, through its Accessibility and Inclusivity Advisory Committee, strives to support and promote programs that provide greater opportunities for persons with disabilities. It also promotes public awareness, identifies and documents issues and concerns, and encourages cooperation among service and interest groups.

In 2007, the City received $15,000 from the Measuring Up Fund to complete a community assessment report to identify access and inclusion priorities in the community, and enable the committee to guide and support municipal staff on the issues. In addition, the committee updated the Kimberley Active Community Guide to include accessibility information about available products, services and experiences in the area.

Measuring Up helps communities assess and improve how accessible and inclusive they are for people with disabilities, seniors and others with similar needs. The program includes a fund, established by the Province of British Columbia, which offers grants to communities to complete accessibility-related projects.