Kent and Harrison Hot Springs Develop Arts and Culture Plan

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The municipalities of Kent and Harrison Hot Springs developed a cultural map to assist in creating an Arts and Culture Plan for the area. Creative Communities funded $5,000 for the work, which included research, a needs assessment, and a visual map. A project planning committee, along with a consultant, gauged current cultural activity and arts participation. They also identified cultural services in Agassiz and Harrison, including arts training and programming, and visual and performing arts. Also identified were facilities needs, and demographic and social data. The second phase of the study examined the needs and desires of the arts and culture communities and the ability to fill those needs. Lastly, the group created a visual map of the information gathered. The map is now a guiding framework for the creation of a 10-year Arts and Culture Plan, expected to be completed in 2010 or 2011.

Creative Communities assists local governments to take stock of their cultural assets and identify strengths and challenges in their local arts and cultural sector. The program also guides governments through community consultations to determine how and where to expand local arts and cultural programs and projects. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.