Explorations Camps Make Summer Special

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While most schools are empty and dark over the summer, Ashcroft elementary school was full of energy. The school hosted one of the hundreds of Explorations summer camps, which have involved more than 13,000 youth across BC, since 2005.

"I felt like I was an artist," Narangi said proudly.

Explorations camps focus on arts, sport and recreation, or a combination of the two. They offer students a variety of new activities, such as music, drama, Aboriginal art, mountain biking and gymnastics.

The students at the camps in Ashcroft created banners to display on lampposts at the Ashcroft and District Fall Fair.

"The children were challenge, they learned new things and had fun too," one participant's parent observed.

"I was so proud of myself when I say the banners up on the posts. It was fun," Raddha said.

Explorations provides students in kindergarten to Grade 7 with opportunities to explore arts, sport and recreation in summer camp settings. The program serves students who are otherwise unable to attend summer camps due to location, local resources or financial limitations. Explorations is supported by the Province of British Columbia.