Coquitlam Hosts 2007 Men's Field Lacrosse National Championships

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The 2007 Men's Field Lacrosse National Championships received $10,000 from Hosting BC. The event drew 150 athletes, aged 19-35, from B.C., Alberta and Ontario to compete in front of 500 spectators. Forty volunteers supported the event.

Direct economic benefit included accommodation, restaurant and retail revenue from participants, fans and guests. Watching the highest level of lacrosse in Canada and seeing collegiate scouts at the games helped motivate youth players. The event also served as a training ground for coaches of youth teams and future coaches of men's teams. Recognition of the Coquitlam site as world class attracted future events to the community such as the 2008 U-19 World Championships. Surplus funds from the Nationals will be used to purchase equipment for the local league.

Hosting BC provides BC communities with funding to host national and international sport events. The program is supported by the Province of British Columbia.