APCD Funds Project By A Consortium of Musical and Visual Artists

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With funding of $155,000 from Arts Partners in Creative Development, the Magnetic North Festival Theatre Society commissioned outstanding musical and visual artists for HIVE 2. Performers at the festival are members of Progress Lab – an ad-hoc consortium of 11 Vancouver- and Victoria-based theatre companies.

New works commissioned for this collaborative event included: visual art, musical compositions, performance art, and 10 site-specific theatre installations, all designed for performance within an interactive social environment. In June 2008, audiences experienced 11 separate pieces in continuous rotation, as well as nine performance art pieces and nine musical events.

Arts Partners in Creative Development assists BC arts and cultural organizations to create and develop new works or further develop existing works. The program is in partnership with Canada Council for the Arts, Province of British Columbia, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Foundation and VANOC.