2010 Winter Games to Leave A Legacy of Volunteers

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The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and related events have inspired thousands of people to volunteer their time, and 2010 Legacies Now has a way to keep these skilled and enthusiastic volunteers involved in their community once the Games are over.

"VolWeb.ca, our volunteer recruitment website, is now hosting more than 10,000 volunteers," says 2010 Legacies Now CEO Bruce Dewar. "We hope the Olympic and Paralympic volunteers will see our site as a place to go to continue volunteering at other special events after the Games."

VolWeb.ca connects volunteers with short-term, event-based volunteer opportunities, such as festivals, fundraisers, sport competitions and more. Volunteers can register for free and search the database for events which interest them. Event organizers can also register for free, and use VolWeb.ca to recruit and communicate with volunteers.

VolWeb.ca was created by 2010 Legacies Now, with support from the Province of B.C., as a community resource to encourage and celebrate volunteerism leading up to, and beyond, the 2010 Winter Games. Since its launch in 2005, VolWeb.ca has continued to make it easier for people across British Columbia to access information about short-term volunteer opportunities and to connect with event organizers.

"I've used VolWeb.ca to help recruit volunteers for events like the 2009 World Police and Fire Games and the 2010 Molson Canadian Hockey House, and it's a fantastic tool," says Christine Nicholls, event workforce specialist. "It cuts down on the hours and people needed to recruit volunteers for large events. I'm very grateful for this resource and hope it's a permanent legacy for volunteers and event organizers."

"The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well in British Columbia, and we expect it to continue to thrive long after the Olympic Torch has been extinguished," says Dewar. "VolWeb.ca - along with the thousands of volunteers who use it to connect with local events - is a tangible legacy of the 2010 Winter Games that will benefit communities for many years to come."

VolWeb.ca was an online registration tool to connect volunteers with event organizations throughout BC. VolWeb.ca was supported by the Province of British Columbia, CTV, Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada. Visit VolWeb.ca for more information.